Margot Berg interviewed by the local French television for A look at Latvia 26 July 2011

On June 16th 2011, Elise Hennart, journalist for Yvelines Première, a local French channel, invited me to explain my project and my travel in Latvia. Sorry, it's only in French... but to summary it up, it's all about explaining the project, the exhibition I led in April 2011, if I was afraid to travel alone...
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Local newspaper "Le Courrier des Yvelines" talks about Margot Berg's project 'A look at Latvia' 13 May 2011

Article de Jérôme Dupouy sur Margot Berg et son reportage en Lettonie - Le Courrier des Yvelines
Jerome Dupouy, a journalist for the local newspaper "Le Courrier des Yvelines" asked me for an interview. The roles were reversed: after I interviewed people to transcribe their stories,he asked me to tell mine. Why Latvia, what is the project, the reporting, was I afraid to travel alone, how I traveled, what are my next plans... Some key answers in the article.
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The video "A look at Latvia: pictures of young Europeans" 28 February 2011

More than six months after my trip to Latvia, I watched 5 hours of video I shot to make a documentary of 12 minutes with the European citizenship as main theme.

Through nine young people interviews from different nationalities and diverse backgrounds, my goal was to show Latvia through the eyes of its people and especially young people who are trying to build it.

They just talked to the camera and offer a particular glimpse on their lives, revealing their doubts, fears, but also opportunities, dreams to offer a rich melting pot of interculturality.

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